Fetish Faves: Best-Sellers & Staff Picks

From simple metal handcuffs to intricate Shibari rope play and everything in between, restraints are by far the most popular tool used in BDSM. As kink inches further into mainstream awareness, more and more consumers are opening up to previously unattainable pleasure possibilities.

Pipedream has been on the frontline of fetish for over a decade now, offering a wide selection of BDSM products at affordable prices that anyone can enjoy. Here are just a few of our best-sellers and staff favorites that are sure to catch consumers’ attention and drive home that sale.


These top-selling restraint items from our family of fetish brands are the tried-and-true items that will guarantee sales.

Fetish Fantasy Series Lover’s Fantasy Kit, PD2107 

The Lover’s Fantasy Kit is an advantageous selection of first-time fetish must-haves—metal handcuffs, light flogger, and a comfy elastic blindfold. From beginners to advanced players alike, this kit satisfies such a wide range of consumers that it’s a sure-fire sellout for every retail environment.

PD3842-00Fetish Fantasy Series Pink Passion Bondage Kit, PD3842-00

Fetish doesn’t always need to be dark and sultry—in fact, the demand for lighter fetish fun is made clear in the years that this Pink Passion Bondage Kit has remained a best-seller. No fancy bells and whistles needed here—the cute and simple cuffs, ball gag, and tethers come in a cheerful shade of pink that could turn even Hello Kitty into Hello Kinky! You’ll dominate the underserved femme market with this truly unique fetish kit.

Sir Richard’s COMMAND Under-Mattress Bondage Straps, SR1045

It’s clear why the Under-Mattress Bondage Straps are Sir Richard’s top-selling restraint item. We’ve taken the classic bedroom bondage playground and gave it a serious upgrade with thick, sturdy straps, heavy-duty stainless steel hardware, and interchangeability to accommodate other COMMAND products for optimum versatility that lends itself well to upsells and add-ons.

Staff Picks

These top-selling restraint items from our family of fetish brands are the tried-and-true items that will guarantee sales.

pd3985-27_3DFetish Fantasy Gold Fantasy Bondage Kit, PD3985-23

“Kits are always great sellers because the consumer perceives them as a built-in deal. They don’t have to worry about picking the ‘right’ thing because they trust our curated selection. With a chic twist on the classic blindfold, paddle, and cuffs, the Fetish Fantasy Gold Bondage Kit offers upscale quality at an affordable price. A definite must-have item!” —Briana Honz Watkins, Sales Executive

Sir Richard’s COMMAND Bondage Door Cuffs, SR1040

“Not all beds are created equal, but every bedroom definitely has a standard door that can accommodate this heavy-duty restraint system. Bondage Door Cuffs are an ordinary fetish item that we’ve enhanced with high-quality materials, paired with a trusted brand and strategic packaging that speaks directly to the intended consumer to grab their attention and solidify the sale.” —Rob Phaneuf, Product Development

Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Bondage Panty, PD3724-09

“Vibrating panties, cuff restraints, and e-stim products have been longtime favorites of our customers, so it only made sense to combine the three to create the ultimate Shock Therapy Bondage Panty. From the sleek leather panties to the durable metal hardware and the comfy Velcro cuffs, it’s no secret why this kinky item is always flying off the shelves.” —Cheryl Flangel, Sales Executive

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