Mindful Sex Toys for Life After Breast Cancer


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pipedream is proud to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by donating a portion of this month’s sales. We encourage you to join us by donating or setting up a fundraiser with BCRF here.

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It can be difficult to even think about sex let alone participate in it after experiencing any traumatic experience—and especially a trauma to the body, like breast cancer. It becomes even more difficult due to the multitude of physical changes to the body after enduring chemotherapy and/or radiation, lumpectomy or mastectomy. People who have survived breast cancer report issues of desensitization of the breast, chest, and/or nipples, as well as a lack of vaginal lubrication and painful penetration.

Sex toys can quickly become sex saviors when navigating life after breast cancer. What we take for granted as casual pleasure can actually be the saving grace for a person struggling with post-cancer sexuality. While we’re here to list some items that can help with the physical hurdles of sex after cancer, it’s important to remember that sex is so much more than the erogenous zones of the body. Arguably our largest erogenous zone is the brain, so if you or your partner aren’t ready for sex yet—that’s a-okay. Emotional recovery is just as important as physical recovery and there are a ton of other ways to engage in self-care that will aid in all-around recovery. When you are ready, the following items can help you ease comfortably back into sexual pleasure.

Breast Pumps to Promote Blood Flow

Breast/Nipple Vibrators to Increase Sensitivity


Lubes to Aid in Dryness

Clit Stimulators Without Penetration




Check out this article from Psychology Today for even more helpful information on sex after breast cancer.

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