Fetish Faves: Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation is a quick and easy way to enhance any sexual experience. When we mask one of our senses, the others become amplified—so it’s no wonder why our classic Love Masks are such hot sellers! But did you know that we offer a huge variety of masks and blindfolds to satisfy a wide range of consumer aesthetics, wallets, and sexual appetites? We’ve also curated a variety of kits for an easy all-in-one package of sensory exploration.

Not Your Average Blindfold

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Satin BlindfoldPD4453-23pd3908-23.jpg

Upgrade from your DIY bandana or scarf to a high-quality blindfold that’s seductively soft and features thick, silky ties that won’t pull hair and offers versatile fitting.

Fetish Fantasy Gold Love Mask, PD3971-23

A fashion-forward twist on our classic Love Mask, this shiny, crocodile-patterned mask features a soft lining for utmost comfort against the eyes while two elastic straps ensure a snug fit.   

Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask, PD3908-23 

Plush padding ensures secure darkness with a contoured area that forms around the nose to ease breathing. The extra thick density rests across key relaxation pressure points to double as a lightly weighted sleep mask.

Fetish Fantasy Series Blinder Mask, PD3909-23

For beginners and kink enthusiasts alike, this fully adjustable blinder has two separate patches that can be situated precisely over each of the wearer’s eyes and a simple Velcro strap for quick and easy placement and removal.

pd3858-23.jpgLights Out: Full Coverage Hoods

Fetish Fantasy Series Spandex Open Mouth Hood, PD3855-02

This super-stretchy hood is made of a thin lightweight fabric that allows just a hint of light while still impairing vision. It’s completely breathable and leaves the mouth agape for satisfying oral desires.

Fetish Fantasy Series Zipper Face Hood, PD3858-23

For the true fetish enthusiast, this hardcore hood is light enough for breathability and comfort but extreme enough to completely subdue the wearer with zipper enclosures over the eyes and mouth, putting their Dom(me) in total control.

Sensory Overload: Kits

Fetish Fantasy Series Sensual Hot Wax, PD2109-00

A classic exploration for beginners and advanced players alike, this kit includes a Love Mask and four unscented wax candles that ignite intense, erotic foreplay.

Fetish Fantasy Gold Fantasy Bondage Kit, PD3985-23PD2029-23-1

Take sensory deprivation to the next level when pairing it with restraints and impact play. This trio includes the trusted FFG Love Mask from above, plus soft, plush-lined cuffs adorned with golden metal hardware for secure restraint. The sturdy paddle offers a hard whack or textured teasing.

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Lover’s Bondage Kit, PD2028-15

Three top sellers in one package makes for the ultimate fetish kit. Take sensual excitement to the max with adjustable nipple clamps that offer varied pressure and super-soft feather ticklers.

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Bondage Teaser Kit, PD2029-23

While the senses are heightened under the darkness of a Love Mask, three unique sensations are offered by the Feather Tickler, Beaded Whip, and Cat-O-Nine Tails, and the Furry Cuffs also add a sensory dimension to restraint.


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