2018 Winter Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the Season

These holiday classics never go out of style. In fact, they’ve remained our top two holiday best sellers since their initial releases in 2013 and 2014.



The X-Mas Tuggie, PD8582-01

$11.79 at sextoy.com

The ultimate stocking stuffer. No one can unwrap The X-Mas Tuggie without a hearty laugh to follow. Sure, it’s a great gag gift, but never second guess bringing the laughs into the bedroom too!





Icicles No. 59, PD2959-00

$31.99 at sextoy.com

The infamous Icicles candy cane dildo is perfect for temperature play. Indulge your inner ice queen by cooling it in ice water or turn up the heat on cold winter nights by warming it in hot water.



Gift Box Kits  

There’s no better holiday surprise than opening up one gift to find out that there’s actually three, four, or even five gifts in one! Gift box kits are the perfect holiday purchase in so many ways—they’re a total steal because bundles always ensure a great deal, plus they’re already presented in a simple gift box that’s super easy to wrap and lets your loved one know exactly what they’re getting the instant they unwrap it.



Jimmyjane Darker Shade of Sexy Kit, JJ12314

😱😱😱😱 $159 $49 at jimmyjane.com 😱😱😱😱




Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Lover’s Bondage Kit


$30.09 at sextoy.com





Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Tease-N-Please Kit


$50 at simplipleasure.com





Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Purple Passion Kit


$29.79 at sextoy.com





Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Silky Seduction Kit


$29.79 at sextoy.com





Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Bondage Teaser Kit


$38.39 at sextoy.com





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