Fetish Faves: Impact Play

When people think about spanking, they either think about hardcore tools or a simple hand. In reality, there’s actually a much broader variety of spanking (or impact) items that offer a wide range of sensations—and we make them all!

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PD3756-15 Fetish Fantasy Series Frisky Feather Duster

Pain Rating: 0-1

$11.69 | BUY NOW





PD3972-23 Fetish Fantasy Gold Pleasure Paddle

Pain Rating: 2-6

$18.49 | BUY NOW







PD4437-23 Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Deluxe Cat O’ Nine

Pain Rating: 2-9

$9.59 | BUY NOW







Textured Paddle

PD4403-23 Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Rubber Paddle

Pain Rating: 3-9

$14.89 | BUY NOW








Silicone Paddle

PD3693-23 Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone Paddle

Pain Rating: 3-9

$36.39 | BUY NOW







PD3989-23 Fetish Fantasy Gold Riding Crop

Pain Rating: 2-7

$22.79 | BUY NOW









PD3786-23 Fetish Fantasy Extreme Insane Cane

Pain Rating: 3-9

$30.09 | BUY NOW



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